Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th & Nathan's Famous


Happy 4th of July!!!  And another exciting play-by-play of Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest.  Joey "The Jaws" Chestnut came back to reclaim his Mustard Belt by beating last year's champ, Matt Stonie, by a landslide!

How he did it, I can't start to imagine.  In ten minutes, I ate one Nathan's dog (natural casing, of course) while Joey ate 7-0.  That's seventy.   70 hot dogs in 10 minutes. And buns.  7 hot dogs per minute.  More than 1 every 10 seconds!!!!

Every bite they take it looks like they're about to hurl.  Surely this happens.  Surely.  Thank you ESPN for not showing that part.

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