Sunday, January 1, 2017

Welcome Opie!

Happy 2017 and meet the newest member of our family, Opie.

I was at a craft show on November 20th and they just so happened to be holding a dog adoption tent.   I'd been wanting another dog, but I generally look for a special-needs dog, someone who needs a break and a great home.  But this little fella was so darn cute, it was hard to pass him up.  I asked the folks holding the adoption fair if they had any special needs dog.  I figured Roger (his shelter name) would be scooped up in a minute, but if he wasn't to give me a call.  Guess what?!!!

I picked him up on Monday, November 21st and he is the most perfect dog.  He was house-trained, he doesn't shed, doesn't chew up furniture or shoes (although he does have a love for used tissues and napkins, and he is a biter (not hard, mind you, just love nibbles.))

He has made fast friends with Lindie and Nellie and all of our neighbor's dogs, particularly Maggie who often stays with us with her Mom and Dad need to be away from home.  He loves walks and car rides, but is mostly fond of anything edible......regardless of what that may be!

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