Thursday, February 26, 2015

Winter comes to SE Tennessee!!!

Winter finally struck SE Tennessee!!!  And it was lovely.  We got 7 or 8".  The three smaller dogs had snow up to their bellies and everyone had a grand time!

I'm waiting to find out if Jim is going to be able to make it home this weekend.  The storm went from here east through North Carolina.  Hopefully roads will be safe to drive on.  We're getting into the low 40's today so lots of melting and then freezing overnight.

And even though Muffin is nearly 16-years-old, she still has a lot of "gitty-up and go" in her, especially when it gets cold.  She loves burying her snout in the snow and rolling around.  She loved the Minnesota winters.  She's such fun to watch....I do love my little buddy!

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