Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Happy Birthday My Sweet-16 Sweetest Girl in the World

We really don't know my sweet Muffin's birthdate, but Jim rescued her and her sister, Spot, on July 2nd, 1999.  I had told him (I had 5 cats when we met and got married) that I really wanted a dog, but it was one that had to be either abused, abandoned, or stray.  I'll never forget that Friday afternoon when he called me at home in San Antonio and asked if I stay really wanted a dog.  Did I just hit the jackpot?!!!!  REALLY?  But of course!  "How about 2?" he asked! When he came home from work that afternoon he had two itty-bitty girls who were cowered underneath the seats of his Explorer.  Their bellies were bloated with worms and they spent the night on the porch sleeping in a cat-litter box.  That Saturday, we took them to their first veterinarian, Dr. Sherri Youngblood in San Antonio.  She guessed them to be 5-6 weeks old, so we decided their birthdates were May 26, 1999.

These two girls have been just about the greatest joys in my life (I would have been one of the mothers with human children that everyone would have abhored!)  Talk about spoiled-rotten!  These girls could do what and when they wanted.  But it doesn't matter.  While Spot was my Miss America beautiful, sweet puppy-dog girl, Muffin is the absolute most sweetest, cutest, could-there-be-any-better-dog-in-the-world dog?  Muffin is the poster-dog for the reason that breeders should be outlawed and the only dogs invited into a home should be rescued dogs.

ADOPT......DON'T SHOP.  I beg you......if you want to add a four-legged member of your family to your home......PLEASE....go to your local animal shelter and rescue a dog or cat who (believe me!) will know that you rescued them and will be eternally grateful.  The rewards are immeasurable.

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