Saturday, May 2, 2015

It's a Princess!!!

I have to admit....I am a complete Anglophile and have been watching the Royals for a long, long time, mainly since the early days of Charles and Diana (but have devoured books of the whole Edward/Wallis scandal and watched every program ever produced about Henry VIII and his six wives.)  The Granthams of Downton Abbey have nothing on the real royals!  Nothing better than a real-life soap opera.

But I think this new generation is truly turning the monarchy back into a proper and respectable family thanks to bringing in non-royal blood with the class that Kate possesses and Diana's hands-on parenting which molded the man William appears to be.

OK...enough already.  I'm in the majority here being thrilled that the new little one is a girl!  I'll be watching all day to find out her name (and of course what Kate will be wearing when she steps out of the hospital!)  With my help, Jim has been able to keep on top of all the odds (birth date, gender, weight) and I will continue to keep him posted on all the latest developments (or he'll keep bugging me all day if I don't!)

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