Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016: Make a Goal to Save a Life

Happy New Year, Friends.

I'm so looking forward to a new year with my babies I love so much. 

When Jim and I met I had five cats.  Jim wasn't a cat person.  But after he got to know them, I heard about him recanting stories of "The Guys" to folks he worked with.  But when Spot and Muffin joined our family, well....what can I say???!!!!  They wormed their way into our hearts.  Initially they were going to be "yard dogs."  Needless to say, that lasted just days.  And once they ended up in our bedroom.....well, let me just say, the rest is history.

I had told him that I really wanted a dog.  But it was have to be a dog that was either abused, abandoned, or stray.  He called a few days before the 4th of July from a foundry he was running in San Antonio, TX.   He asked if I still wanted a dog.  HOLY SMOKES!!!! Are you kidding?!!!  And then just when I thought it couldn't get any better, he asked if I'd like TWO dogs  (is this not just the greatest husband in the world????!!!!!).

So that afternoon, he drove into our driveway on Horsemint Drive in San Antonio, TX in our green Ford Explorer.  And there, underneath the back seats were the most scared two puppies you could imagine.

They came into our (their) home.  And within a week, they finally felt comfortable.  They not only made themselves feel like they belonged in our home, but in that short period of time, we could not imagine our home without them.

Sixteen and 1/2 years later, I sit here on the bed with my bestest buddy, Muffin, on her last leg, laying here next to me.  Her litter mate and bestest sister, Spot, died several years ago.  Spot and Muffin have brought immeasurable joy to Jim and I. 

So I guess my BLOG message of January 1,2016 is this:  PLEASE open your home to a homeless dog or cat.  You cannot even begin to imagine the love and enhancement they will bring to you.   NEVER NEVER NEVER  ask a breeder to breed a dog or cat for you (these people should roast in hell).  Thousands of the sweetest dogs and cats are sitting, waiting for rescue from your local animals shelters.  Don't ever look for a pure-breed.  Mixed-breeds are not only the healthiest (meaning lower vet bills), but they know that you rescued them, and will always be in your debt. 

And at the very least, please donate to your local shelters.  Food, treats, blankets, sheets, old linens, bleach, cleaning supplies.  But first and foremost:  DO NOT PAY BREEDERS TO BRING NEW DOGS/CATS INTO THIS WORLD when there are so many sweet animals desperately needing homes.

Now after this lesson in the right thing to do, we all wish you the best 2016.  Please do make a bit of room in your heart for those who so desperately need your love.  The price you pay will pay you back In more ways you could ever begin to imagine.

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