Sunday, January 10, 2016

Rattlesnake Pasta

This recipe has the most views of any recipe on my blog.  And for good reason.  It is DEE-licious!!!  If you've ever eaten at a J. Alexander's restaurant you would have seen this on the menu, maybe even tried it.  In my opinion, this recipe is better than theirs and certainly much more affordable.  It's a great meal any time of the year. 

A neighbor made a copycat recipe of the Rattlesnake Pasta served at J. Alexander's restaurant. I have had theirs and believe you me, this recipe is even better and another Oh So Fast and Easy recipe.

For me, the secret that takes this pasta over the top is the cilantro. For the longest time I wouldn't go near cilantro. I discovered I wasn't the only one who thought it tasted like soap. In a cooking class at Central Market in San Antonio (check out their website, and if you are ever anywhere near DFW/Austin/San Antonio/Houston and if you're a true foodie, make a point to make a trip to this most incredible grocery store. It's even been featured on The Travel Channel. ) Anywho..... I had a class with food scientist Shirley Corriher and she mentioned the Cilantro-Soap gene. Apparently, some people carry a gene which makes cilantro taste like soap to them. I was so glad I wasn't alone! But I kept trying and trying hoping I would develop a taste for it. And then I discovered if the cilantro is in any way processed (cooked), even just a bit, I can not only eat it, but love it. So, just a little FYI.

Something new in my local Publix market are these containers of small sweet peppers. When I've made this recipe before, I'd usually buy one red, one yellow, and one orange sweet pepper. With just the two of us, I'd rarely use all of them, so the leftovers would just go in the freezer for soups and chili. But this little package was just $3, about half the price of buying 3 peppers, and I'll have much less leftover. Win/win.

Also, you can certainly make your own alfredo sauce, but I just find a jar at the store, always the one with the lowest fat content. 

I hope you'll make is one of my go-to meals and there is never any left over. This recipe would serve 2-3. I usually make an Italian salad (Romaine/Spring mix with pepperocini, fennel, kalamata olives, peppers, Italian vinaigrette) and a good baquette.

8 oz boneless, skinless chicken breast meat, cubed about 1/2", I cut them when they are still partially frozen, so much easier), then seasoned with a bit of cayenne and seasoned salt
3 oz (3/4 cup) sweet peppers, finely julienned (I usually use red, yellow, and orange)
1/4 cup chopped cilantro
1/2 cup sliced green onions
1 tsp minced garlic
16 ounce jar (or 2 cups homemade) alfredo sauce
6 oz bow-tie pasta, or shape of your choice, cooked
Cook cubed chicken and garlic until almost done. Add peppers, onions, and cilantro. Cook until crisp-tender. Add alfredo sauce until heated. Add pasta. Heat throughout. Voila! A wonderful dinner!

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