Tuesday, October 20, 2015


A few weeks ago, our latest puppy-dog addition started having seizures.  We took her to our veterinarian and he prescribed phenobarbitol.  Her seizures stopped for a bit, but she seemed overly-medicated.  We reduced her dosage, but she just was never the same.  She seemed to be recovering, and then she just got worse.

I took her to the vet yesterday thinking "this was it."  But he assured me that we just needed to keep her on the pheno and get her to start eating again.  She was really doing well this morning.....she spent 5-10 minutes in the backyard walking very well and ate some chicken I cooked for the dogs.  Then I gave her another pill and she went to sleep for a couple of hours.  She never really came out of her fog and at about 8:40 this evening, she died while in my arms.

She had the sweetest, loudest bark which I hadn't heard in about a week.  She was just the sweetest little thing.  She came to us about 3 years ago.  A couple that Jim worked with at Sequoia Nuclear Plant (TVA) had found her living in a haystack.  They were going to take her in but their dog didn't get along with Scooter, so they asked Jim if we would take her.  REALLY?????  The day they brought her to us, she immediately fit into our family.  What a joy she was for the last three years.  We have no idea how old she was or what her background was, but she was just about the sweetest little girl you could have ever know.

My sweet Scooter, I miss you already and have cried for hours.  I can only hope that you are with your Dog-Momma and former Human-Momma in heaven. 

I love(d) you so deeply.

Your Momma Kay

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