Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ham and Havarti Panini

Here's a great and good, I mean really good sandwich.  Now, I don't have a real panini grill (although I'd love to have one I'm not sure where I could store it!)  But when I ran across this recipe (if you can call it a recipe, so so simple), I figured a way out to improvise.  I used our George Foreman grill (it's a standing grill with a large surface and domed lid) and my smaller cast iron skillet to weigh the sandwich down.  It made the perfect little ridges on the bread and grilled to a crispy finish.


presliced sourdough bread (I used Panera)
sliced Havarti cheese (I used dill Havarti which I found in the deli at Publix)
sliced ham

Layer the sandwich with quantities according to your preference.  Butter the outside of the sandwich.  Heat in a Panini press or an electric grill (wait to butter the second side if using a skillet to weigh it down after turning the grill).

NOTE:  To make ahead you can assemble the sandwiches and then place them back into the bread bag and keep in the frig until you wish to serve them, at which point you can put them straight onto the Panini press or grill.  Also, at least on the GF grill, I set it at "4" and cooked for 7 minutes on one side and 5 minutes on the second side.)

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